Vacuum Systems & Accessories

What kind of vacuum systems does VerveVac provide?

VerveVac is soley focused on the design, production and distribution of high performance central vacuum systems.

What is a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system (aka ducted vacuum system) is a vacuum that is installed in a home along with piping and inlets. Unlike a portable vacuum, the operator does not have to carry or pull the vacuum around the house. Simply plug a hose into an inlet and the vacuum system will turn itself on automatically and provide suction. Typically, a central vacuum system is located in the garage.

Is VerveVac the only company that manufactures central vacuum systems?

No. There are various companies that manufacture central vacuum systems.

What is special about VerveVac central vacuum systems?

Ultimately, VerveVac central vacuum systems are designed to please their owner when they first start using the system and for many years to come. They are powerful, reliable, effecient, clean and easy to use. The other sections of our website explains visually the common problems of other vacuum systems and the VerveVac solution to those problems.

Does VereVac manufacure any portable vacuums?

No. We are solely focused on the design, production and distribution of high performance central vacuum systems. Portable vacuums can not provide the same cleaning performance and easy of use as a VerveVac central vacuum system. For more information, review the problems of vacuuming.

Where are VerveVac systems manufactured?

All VerveVac central vacuum systems are manufactured in Canada.

What accessories are available?

You can purchase VerveVac central vacuum systems with or without accessories.

Typically, you would purchase a system with an accessory kit which includes all the most common accessories. Additionally, you might wish to add aditional items demanding on your preferences. For example, if you have carpet, you might include a turbo brush.

Another common accessory is a hose cover. These are available in a range of colors and help protect your hose and furniture from each other.

If I have existing vacuum accessories, can I use them with a VerveVac system?

Possibly, but it is difficult to predict since there are so many different brands/varieties in existance.


What is involved in installation?

Typically, the vacuum system is mounted on a wall in the garage and inlets are positioned in hallways to service multiple rooms easily.

The approach to installing the pipes depends on various details that an installer can assess quickly for you. Below we provde a general overview, please contact an installer for more information.

New Construction: If you a building a new home, the pipes can go in the slab, walls or ceiling. For new construction projects, providing your floor plans to the installer will be helpful.

Existing Home: If it is an exsiting premises, the pipes will likely run inside the roof. Also, there is often a side of the house that people do not walk very often and and that external wall can also conceal a pipe close to the gutter where it will not be noticed.

Keep in mind that the approach the installer takes will be depend on the layout of your home and the type of walls, ceiling and floor.

How do I organise for my VerveVac system to be installed?

Across Australia, there are many installers experienced with central vacuum systems. For example, there are many listed on the yellow pages website.

What if I can't find an installer near me?

Let us know your location and we will find one for you. Contact us.

Is it possible to install the system myself?

If you consider yourself 'handy' and have a good set of power tools, you might be able to install the system yourself. The manual that comes with the system contains all the information you need. However, we would recommend that most customers enlist a professional installer.

I am a professional installer, can VerveVac advertise my services?

We are considering offering a directory of qualified installers. If you are a professional installer with experience and would be interested in being listed on our website, please contact us.

Warranty & Support

How long is the VerveVac Warranty

All VerveVac central vacuum systems have a seven (7) year warranty.

How do I register my warranty?

Please visit our contact form to register your warranty.

What happens if I need support or service?

Please lodge your issue using our support form and we will see to it.

Ask a Question

Our upport team are here to help with any questions you may have. Please contact us and our Australian based support team will be in touch.