Vacuum Problem No. 1


Because portable vacuums must be light to carry, they use small weak motors. No matter how smart the engineering is, the suction will always be inferior. The lighter a portable vacuum is, the more disappointed you will be with the suction.

With a portable vacuum, you have little choice but too go slow and cover the same area again and again with the hope that you will eventually achieve a decent result.

Vacuum Problem No. 2

Dust Recirculated

Portable vacuums release dust into the same environment from which your trying to remove it. As air flows through the vacuum, dust is released from the rear. The result of vacuuming is that you have dust in the air which you breath in. Allergies and asthma are agravated. The dust you wanted to removed from the floor is now in the air. That probably isn't what you intended. Many vacuums also emit an unpleasent burnt smell.

Vacuum Problem No. 3


The better portable vacuums are heavy and hard to use. As you pull them around your home, it is easy to damage furniture. If you have stairs, it gets even harder.

Some people buy multiple vacuums in an attempt to mix the power of a larger vacuum with the convenience of a smaller vacuum like a stick vacuum. They end up enduring poor suction and handling a bulky system. (around corners/furniture, up stairs)

Vacuum Problem No. 4


Central vacuums have the potential to address many of the shortcomings of portable vacuums. Unfortunately, most of them are crudely constructed, noisy and don't last.

Someone with a sense of humour coined the term "Rubbish Bins That Suck" to describe the many unimpressive central vacuum systems on the market. Kudos to that person.

Some vacuums are made of metal that vibrates noisly and prone to rust. Many leak dust during operation and when being emptied. Most suffer from poor quality motors, bad airfow design and make a lot of noise. Some make enough noise to wake the neighbours and every dog in the suburb!

D u s t !
Vacuum Problem No. 6

Face Full Of...

Whether you have a portable vacuum or a central vacuum, emptying it often involves a face full of dust!

Poor design, crude filters, no filters, there are many reasons why it is difficult to empty most vacuums without receiving a Face Full of Dust!

Vacuum Problem No. 5


High prices and short warranties. Ouch!

If you think about how many vacuums you have owned, how many vacuums you have used, how much money you have spent and how frustrating the whole experience is, it can be quite depressing


Surely vacuuming doesn't have to be this hard. With all of the amazing things the human race has achieved, our vacuum systems are still in the dark ages. Small refinements are made on systems that are fundamentally inadequate. It is simply not good enough!