The VerveVac Solution

Powerful Suction

Powerful suction you can rely on every time. Vacuum with confidence and quickly lift dust from all surfaces. Every aspect of every VerveVac system has been optimised for perfect air flow and maximum performance without compromising other metrics.

The VerveVac Solution

Simple & Convenient

VerveVac systems are extremely easy to use. Simply plug a hose into any inlet and you are instantly ready to vacuum with powerful and reliable suction across every inch of your home.

The VerveVac Solution

Clean Living

Typically located in the garage, your VerveVac system will collect dust in a highly efficient manner so you don’t have to breath it in during operation or while emptying. Advanced multi stage filtration protects your lungs. Enjoy clean surfaces, clean air, clean living.

The VerveVac Solution

Two Sizes

VerveVac central vacuum systems are available in two sizes. VVS100K (17 litres) occupying little space or the VVS200K with greater capacity (41 litres). For both models, intelligent design maximises storage capacity.

The VerveVac Solution

Quiet Operation

With a VerveVac central vacuum system, all you hear is the gentle noise of air rushing into the hose. Your home remains peaceful and quiet, for you, your family and pets.

The actual vacuum system is located out of the way, typically in your garage. The powerful motors in all VerveVac systems are insulated by materials that absorb both noise and vibration. The design of our advanced multi stage filtration system also plays a key role in ensuring quiet operation. Even when you are standing in your garage, all you will hear from the system is a gentle hum.

The VerveVac Solution

Reliable Performance

VerveVac central vacuum systems are made in Canada and backed by a 7 year warranty. Durable materials, rigorous testing & decades of experience are utilised to ensure your VerveVac system is ready, at your service, providing powerful reliable suction.


Finally, the problems of vacuuming have been solved with the introduction of the VerveVac range of central vacuum systems. Powerful suction fully removes dust from your environment in a solution that is conveient, easy to use and empty. We offer affordable systems built to last with a seven year warranty.